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  • Amsterdam Waterfront Foundation
  • Bicycle Friendly Businesses


    Launched in 2017, Bike Friendly New York (BFNY) is a bicycle friendly certification program administered by Parks & Trails New York (PTNY) and the New York State Canal Corporation. BFNY aims to recognize and promote businesses that provide special accommodations for bicyclists. A wide range of businesses can apply for bike-friendly certification, including restaurants and bars, lodging, shops, and museums. BFNY was conceived with businesses located along the statewide Erie Canalway Trail (ECT) in mind; however, eligible businesses across New York may apply and be certified.
  • Canalway Challenge


    Whether you are an avid cyclist or a family looking to get more active, set your sights on adventure and fun along the 524-mile NYS Canal System and 365-mile Erie Canalway Trail. Reach your one-of-a-kind, personal mileage goal – whether cycling, paddling, running, hiking or walking – and discover all you can do along New York's canals!
  • Chuctanunda Creek Trail


    The Chuctanunda Creek Trail is a bicycle and pedestrian friendly trail that includes waterfalls, bridges and dams. Nature combined with the City’s urban setting makes for a unique 8-mile loop from the Mohawk River up through the heart of the City.This mixed use recreational and educational trail leads users along various points of interest referencing history, geology, and ecology.
  • Cycle the Erie Canal


    A journey through the Mohawk River valley, an area rich with working farms, vast forests, and historic small towns. While the western part of this area is most known for fresh produce and homemade goods from family-run farms as well as an abundance of B&Bs and inns, the Arkell Museum in Canajoharie holds a notable collection of works by American impressionists like Winslow Homer, Mary Cassat, Andrew Wyeth and Georgia O’Keefe.
  • Diefendorf Hall


    Throughout its history Diefendorf Hall has made a significant contribution to the character of this old Erie Canal village. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and at the center of Fort Plain’s Historic District, it continues to provide a distinctive sense of place for local residents and visitors alike.
  • Down by the River Kayak Rentals

    Erie Terrace, Amsterdam NY



    Paddle on the Mohawk River in Amsterdam, NY
  • Erie Canal House

    121 West Main Street Canajoharie, NY 13317

    (518) 381-0325


    A luxurious and historic solar-powered guest house located in the heart of the Village of Canajoharie, NY. Convenient to the NYS Thruway, the Erie Canal and Empire State Trail. Handicapped accessible.
  • Erie Canal Locks


    How can a boat climb a waterfall? Or a barge travel over rapids? They can’t. Canals are built to dodge these boating hazards using a series of locks and levels. Locks are elevators for boats, lifting and lowering them as they travel along the waterway. Levels are long stretches of flat water between the locks.

    The Erie Canal locks lift your vessel a total of 565 feet above sea level from the Hudson River to Lake Erie. Seven of the 57 locks on the Erie Canal are in Montgomery County, each with a park and picnic area. For more information about traveling by water, contact the New York State Canal Corporation toll-free at 1-800-4CANAL4.

    Use your own boat or rent a fully equipped canal boat, and chart your own course. Marinas provide a full range of services for transient boaters. You can tie up and explore canal towns built in the 19th-century and bicycle or walk to nearby attractions.;

    The Canalway Water Trail is geared toward small boaters along the 524-mile New York State Canal System. The Water Trail contains access points (launches and landings), campsites and day use sites (attractions) along the Canal System. It is designed for both the ‘day user’ looking to spend a few hours on the Canal and the long distance traveler who wants a slow, interesting passage along the length of the canal.

    To pass through the entire length of the Erie Canal, your vessel must be able to clear a fixed bridge height of 15’ 6”. Today’s canal runs an average of about 9 feet deep. It has a vertical clearance of 21 feet between Waterford and Three Rivers (Oswego Canal junction), and 15.5 feet between the Tonawanda and Niagara rivers. The largest vessels that can make the entire journey must be under 300 feet long, 43.5 feet wide, 9’ draft.

    Navigating the locks:

    • Lock 10 Cranesville – Latitude 42° 55” 0’ Longitude -74° 8” 21’; 722 Highway 5S, Amsterdam, NY 12010
    • At Amsterdam Riverlink Park, an elevated walkway with breathtaking views links downtown Amsterdam to a riverside plaza that includes an open-air stage, children’s playground, visitor’s center, gardens and 600 feet of transient boat docking. Free concerts are held during July and August. On-site laundry, shower facilities and power hookups are offered.
    • Lock 11 Amsterdam – Latitude 42° 56” 46’ Longitude -74° 12” 32’; 366 West Main Street, Amsterdam, NY 12010
    • Lock 12 Tribes Hill – Latitude 42° 56” 45’ Longitude -74° 17” 18’; 177 Main Street, Tribes Hill, NY 12177
    • Lock 13 Randall – Latitude 42° 55” 3’ Longitude -74° 26” 44’; 100 Old River Road, Fultonville, NY 12072
    • Lock 14 Canajoharie – Latitude 42° 54” 33’ Longitude -74° 34” 40’; 14 Spring Street, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428
    • Lock 15 State Canal Park – Latitude 42° 56” 20’ Longitude -74° 37” 17’; 100 Otsquago Club Road, Fort Plain, NY 13339. Located toward the western end of more than 40 miles of continuous trail in Fort Plain with camping and picnic facilities.
    • Lock 16 St. Johnsville – Latitude 42° 59” 31’ Longitude -74° 42” 34’; 161 Mindenville Drive, Fort Plain, NY 13339. The Village of St. Johnsville maintains a beautiful municipal park and marina, one of several in the county. River travelers can stop at the boat launch, fill up, have a picnic, and be treated to a summer’s evening concert. If you dock, camping is nearby, along with a secluded, romantic bed & breakfast.
  • Erie Canalway Trail



    The New York State Canalway Trail System is one of the most extensive trail networks in the country, comprising a network of more than 260 miles of existing multi-use, recreational trails across upstate New York, major segments of which are adjacent to the waterways of the NYS Canal System or the remnants of the Old Erie Canal. Montgomery County hosts part of the Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway – a 60-mile Trail along the Erie Canal and Mohawk River between St. Johnsville and Waterford. Many sections of the Mohawk-Hudson segment were built on former grades of the 19th-century Erie Canal towpath. The bikeway route is signed along connecting roadways. Trail Uses: Hiking, bicycling, in-line skating and cross-country skiing. Motorized vehicles are not allowed.
  • Fishing

    The Mohawk River throughout Montgomery County provides a diverse fishery with peaceful, lush surroundings. Because of the Erie Canal, parking and boat launching sites are unparalleled. There are countless spots to discover glorious fishing by boat, as well as a generous selection of public launch sites. Wheelchair accessible facilities are maintained at Lock 10 and at Nelliston.

    The stretch of the river from Lock 13 to Lock 16 has abundant carp, perch and bass. Schoharie Creek flows into the Mohawk just above lock 12, making exciting bass fishing throughout the season and walleye fishing in the early spring.

    Other tributaries and ponds In Montgomery County provide a rich variety of largemouth bass, perch and trout opportunities.

    • Auries Creek, Tribes Hill, (42.933, -74.315)
    • Bowmans Creek, Sprout Brook, (42.85, -74.677)
    • Briggs Run, Randall, (42.92, -74.444)
    • Brimstone Creek, Sharon Springs (42.847, -74.608)
    • Bunn Creek, Amsterdam (42.94, -74.186)
    • Buttermilk Falls, Carlisle (42.869, -74.451)
    • Canajoharie Creek, Canajoharie (42.909, -74.569)
    • Canajoharie Falls, Canajoharie (42.893, -74.565)
    • Canajoharie Reservoir, Canajoharie (42.926, -74.57)
    • Caroga Creek, Fort Plain (42.965, -74.637)
    • Compaanen Kill, Pattersonville (42.907, -74.101)
    • Crum Creek, Fort Plain (42.999, -74.731)
    • Danascara Creek, Tribes Hill, (42.936, -74.318)
    • Degraff Creek, Amsterdam (42.921, -74.162)
    • Dove Creek, Amsterdam (42.951, -74.216)
    • East Canada Creek, Fort Plain (43, -74.743)
    • Evas Kill, Amsterdam (42.917, -74.137)
    • Flat Creek, Canajoharie (42.895, -74.513)
    • Flitzpatrick Creek, Amsterdam (42.955, -74.233)
    • Fonda Reservoir, Randall (42.939, -74.457)
    • Fort Plains Reservoir, Canajoharie (42.947, -74.609)
    • Harrower Pond, Amsterdam (42.964, -74.167)
    • Irish Creek, Tribes Hill, (42.885, -74.28)
    • Kayaderosseras Creek, Amsterdam (42.956, -74.24)
    • Kellogg Pond, Amsterdam (42.939, -74.178)
    • Kellogg Reservoir, Amsterdam (42.981, -74.179)
    • Knauderack Creek, Randall (42.917, -74.5)
    • Lasher Creek, Randall, (42.897, -74.471)
    • Little Bear Swamp, Carlisle (42.801, -74.445)
    • McLachlan Pond, Pattersonville (42.939, -74.112)
    • McQueen Creek, Amsterdam (42.971, -74.248)
    • Mill Creek, Canajoharie (42.974, -74.588)
    • Mother Creek, Fort Plain (42.973, -74.643)
    • Old Fonda Reservoir, Randall (42.952, -74.404)
    • Otsquago Creek, Canajoharie (42.933, -74.618)
    • Palatine Bridge Underground Reservoir, Canajoharie, (42.93, -74.551)
    • Revine Creek, Tribes Hill (42.931, -74.31)
    • Schoharie Creek, Tribes Hill (42.941, -74.293)
    • South Chuctanunda Creek, Amsterdam (42.937, -74.198)
    • Terwilleger Creek, Amsterdam (42.917, -74.153)
    • Timmerman Creek, Fort Plain (42.993, -74.698)
    • Van Wie Creek, Stone Ridge (42.927, -74.424)
    • Wilsey Creek, Esperance (42.824, -74.263)
    • Yatesville Creek, Randall (42.906, -74.458)
    • Youngs Lakes, Esperance (42.867, -74.258)
    • Zimmerman Creek, St. Johnsville (42.99424, -74.68848)

    Fishing-related businesses in Montgomery County:

  • Fort Plain Free Library and Visitor Center

    19 Willett Street, Fort Plain

    (518) 993-4646


    The Fort Plain Free Library seeks to provide educational and recreational materials and programs to all segments of the population. In addition to a collection totaling over 20,000 volumes, the library also circulates videos, DVDs, CDs, books on tape and CD, and magazines. Interlibrary loans makes available material in most of these formats not owned by the Fort Plain Library. Programming regularly includes a six-week Summer Reading Program for children, teens and adults; an adult literature reading/discussion series; and a monthly pre-school story hour. Free WiFi. Online databases and encyclopedias, word processing and similar programs are also available. Fax and photocopy services for a fee. Library Hours Monday 10am – 5pm Tuesday 10am – 5pm Wednesday 10am – 5pm Thursday 10am – 5pm Friday 10am – 5pm Saturday 9am – 12pm Sunday – Closed
  • Guy Park State Historic Site

    West Main Street, Amsterdam

    Website | Directions

    Guy Park State Historic Site is a house built in 1774 in the Georgian architectural style for Guy Johnson, the Irish-born nephew and son-in-law to Sir William Johnson, 1st Baronet, the British Superintendent for Indian Affairs in colonial New York. Built of limestone, the house was originally situated on a square mile of land on the north side of the Mohawk River and near it for access to water transportation. Guy Park was used for years in the early nineteenth century as a tavern and stagecoach stop, as it was on the Mohawk Turnpike next to the river, the two main transportation routes across the state. The Erie Canal was completed in 1825, and a lock is located near the house. Later, the house was sold and served again as a private residence for many years. In 1907 the mansion was purchased by the state for preservation as a historic site. In the early 21st century, it was adapted for use as a local history museum, the Walter Elwood Museum. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. In August 2011, shortly after being occupied by the museum, the house was severely damaged by flooding of the Mohawk River in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. Half of two floors were destroyed and contents soaked and scattered. The state canal corporation has struggled to stabilize the building. The museum has moved to a new location and future uses of the building are unclear.
  • Marinas and Boat Launches

    Montgomery County has plentiful public marinas and boat launches along the Mohawk River and Erie Canal.

    Lock E10 Lower End, ramp, south shore, off Route 5S, 2.5 miles east of Amsterdam

    Amsterdam Riverlink Park, north shore, Front Street, Amsterdam

    DEC Launch Amsterdam, hard surface ramp, north shore, off Route 5N one mile east of Amsterdam. Head south past the railroad gate 0.22 miles on Quist Road

    Port Jackson Launch, Erie Terrace, ramp, south shore, Amsterdam

    Schoharie Crossing State Launch, concrete ramp, south shore, west of Fort Hunter on 5S at Schoharie Crossing, Town of Glen

    Canajoharie Riverfront Park, south shore, east of Lock 14 near the Route 10/Church Street bridge

    DEC Launch Canajoharie, hard surface ramp, south shore, west of Route 10 bridge in Canajoharie

    DEC Launch Nelliston, hard surface ramp, north shore, off Route 80 in Village of Nelliston. Take Old Station Road south 0.14 miles toward Wastewater Plant

    Cranesville, south shore, off NY Route 5S, 3.4 miles east of I-90, Exit 27. Hand launch.

    St. Johnsville Campsite and Municipal Marina, South Bridge St, St Johnsville; Tie up for the evening and enjoy a stay in this quaint Canal village located. Boat launch with fuel, water, gas, and diesel. Pump out facilities available. Campgrounds are adjacent to Marina with a bed and breakfast nearby. May–Nov, 7am–9:30pm. (518) 568-7406 (seasonal); (518) 568-2221 (year-round)

    Old Erie Lock 28, canoe/kayak beach landing, south shore, Town of Florida

    Lock 12, Upper End, canoe/kayak-beach landing, north shore

    Fultonville Docks, canoe/kayak-dock, south shore, Village of Fultonville

    Lock E15 Upper End, canoe/kayak-beach landing, south shore, Route 33 to River Road, .5 mile after Lock E15 in Fort Plain

    Near mouth of Otsquago Creek, turn right heading north before going over the NY Route 80 bridge. Beach launch.

    Old Erie Lock 33, car top-beach landing, south shore, Town of Minden

    Schoharie Creek, at the dead end of North Dufel Road, off NY Route 5S, just west of Fort Hunter. Hard surface. 30 cars and trailers.

    Schoharie Creek, at the end of the County Route 160 bridge in Burtonville. Hand launch.

    Schoharie Crossing State Historic site marks the spot where the Erie Canal took the Mohawk River through its confluence with the 93-mile long Schoharie Creek. Dedicated to preservation and interpretation of the Erie Canal, the site gives a real touch of life on the canal with the remains of the 1825 stone aqueduct, a restored canal store and a historic lock from the 1850s.

  • Mohawk Valley Gateway Overlook

    1 Bridge Street Amsterdam NY 12010



    Spanning 511 feet between the north and south banks of the Mohawk River, the structure uniquely combines a park-over-the-water setting with an introduction to the history of the Mohawk Valley and its peoples, told through nearby examples from the City of Amsterdam. The structure is curved - not straight - to harmonize with the natural shapes of the river and valley. The textured, colored pavement reflects not only the swirls and eddies of the river, but also of history. Twelve stopping points along the north and south ends are marked with icons representing major topics in the history of the valley with an explanatory text.
  • Mohawk Valley Treasure Hunt


    Take a treasure hunt through time in the Mohawk Valley, where you’ll find lots of hidden gems in museums, historic sites, villages, and quiet country roads. Here, you’ll discover a region where water has shaped transportation, agriculture, industry, and settlement for centuries. You’ll find places where you can still get a sandwich and coffee for five dollars, see Amish farmers with horse drawn carts, unearth antiques for a bargain, and enjoy locally made cheese, pretzels, and pie. Choose from a variety of boating, cycling and hiking options to add active adventure to your journey.
  • Mohawk Valley Villages


    The rural Mohawk Valley Villages in Upstate New York retain much of the character of early ‘Erie Canal Towns’. Significant collections of canal related structures still line the original downtown streetscapes. Commercial centers, local parks, large Victorian residences, churches and other distinguished structures make up the lasting fabric of these small communities. Having developed in the path of the Old Erie Canal, the rural communities along the scenic Mohawk River share an economic and social history. They remain a unique group of communities in Montgomery County, nationally designated historic places and a distinctive part of New York State History.
  • Mohawk Valley Welcome Center

    Milepost 187 Westbound, I-90 Randall

    (518) 922-6367

    Mohawk Valley Welcome Center, Milepost 187 Westbound, I-90 Randall, (518) 922-6367 Experience the deliciousness of New York through the unique Taste NY marketplace. Located on the banks of the historic Erie Canal and Mohawk River.  
  • Palatine Bridge Freight House

    East of Palatine Bridge on NY 5


    Palatine Bridge Freight House is a historic freight depot in a rectangular limestone building constructed in the mid-1850s. It measures 300 feet long and is a fine example of a mid 19th century storage house. It has a low slope gable roof with overhanging eaves. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.
  • River’s Edge

    Riverlink Park 1 Front Street Amsterdam NY 12010

    Dan Nelli



    Beautiful river side dinning. Excellent food and spirits, live entertainment and catering services.
  • Riverlink Concerts

    Riverlink Park


    Rain or Shine, you’ll find music in in Amsterdam’s beautiful Riverlink park every Saturday evening during the summer.
    The Riverlink Concert Series is sponsored by the Amsterdam Waterfront Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit.
    Mission Statement:
    Preserve and develop the City of Amsterdam’s waterfront through:
    • Providing advocacy and advice on critical waterfront development and related projects.
    • Providing a conduit for grant and fundraising opportunities.
    • Promoting the waterfront for water and land side related uses and users.
    • Promoting and sponsor park use, events, festivals, marina, etc.
  • Riverlink Park

    (518) 841-4311


    Riverlink Park is located on the Mohawk River in the City of Amsterdam. The Park offers a boat dock as well as fresh water and electrical power (240 volt to 120 volt) for visitors traveling along the River by boat. Other amenities included when docking are bathrooms, shower, and laundry facilities. The cost for boats is $1 per ft. per day – please call Dan Nelli 518-320-4868 to arrange a connection. The park also features the River's Edge Cafe located on site that offers food and drinks for all of its visitors and during special occasions. There is also a party tent that hosts events and can be rented for private parties with catering available. Riverlink Park is family friendly, and includes a playground for children to enjoy throughout the summer as well as access to the beautiful Mohawk Valley Gateway Overlook pedestrian bridge, walking/bike paths as well as a 9-11 Memorial. The Riverlink Park plays host to several events throughout the summer months including the free Summer Concert Series, various festivals, fireworks and more.
  • Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site

    PO BOX 140 129 Schoharie Street Fort Hunter

    Janice Fontanella

    (518) 829-7516

    Website | Directions

    Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site is the only location where visitors can witness three of the major phases of the Erie Canal construction. The site contains a portion of the original Clinton's Ditch" canal as well as several features from the enlarged canal such as locks and the remains of the Schoharie Creek Aqueduct. Schoharie Crossing is also adjacent to the Erie Canal of today. Much of the site is along the Schoharie Creek and Mohawk River and features not only nature trails and history but also great recreational opportunities. Come picnic or paddle from the boat launch, or enjoy a stroll on the miles of towpath trails. Bring your bike and peddle east or west on the Canalway Bike Path that connects to the site. Stop into the Visitor Center for more information and a trail map. Hours: Grounds Dawn until Dusk All Year – Visitor Center May 1st – October 31st
  • St. Johnsville Campsite and Municipal Marina

    South Bridge St, St Johnsville

    (518) 568-7406 (seasonal), (518) 568-2221 (year-round)


    Tie up for the evening and enjoy a stay in this quaint Canal village located. Boat launch with fuel, water, gas, and diesel. Pump out facilities available. Campgrounds are adjacent to Marina with a bed and breakfast nearby. May-Nov, 7am-9:30pm.
  • Whitewater and Paddling

    The following whitewater and paddling routes have been shared by volunteers. Montgomery County does not monitor or test these routes and cannot guarantee that natural changes have not occurred since the last volunteer report. All water activities on public waterways are undertaken at your own risk. 

    Cobleskill Creek: easy and shallow whitewater rafting and paddling access, except for the mile above Bramanville and the Bramanville Falls and a 5-foot drop above Central Bridge. Putin location GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 42.64666 Longitude: -74.53473; Takeout location GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 42.70972 Longitude: -74.32639

    Caroga Creek: mildly difficult 9.5 mile whitewater section from Ephratah to Route 5. Putin location GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 43.0339 Longitude: -74.5262; Takeout Location GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 42.96749 Longitude: -74.62831

    East Canada Creek: mildly difficult 8 miles, Dolgeville to Route 5 in Montgomery County; Putin Location GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 43.1001 Longitude: -74.77291; Takeout Location GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 43.00529 Longitude: -74.7411

    Schoharie Creek: mildly difficult 21 mile run from Esperance to Fort Hunter. One of the few paddling stretches in this system; Putin Location GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 42.76111 Longitude: -74.25806; Takeout Location GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 42.93999 Longitude: -74.29028

    Timmerman Creek: difficult 3 mile stretch from near Amsterdam to Upper St. Johnsville. Falls drop through Klock Park to the confluence with the Mohawk River. Putin: Youkers Bush Road: Takeout Route 5/Main St.

    Paddle-related businesses in Montgomery County:

    Adirondack Kayak Warehouse 4786 State Highway, 30, Amsterdam NY 12010