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Saturday, September 16

Info 10:00 AM12:00 PM

Where: Landis Arboretum, Landis Arboretum Meeting House 174 Lape Rd, Esperance 12066

Cost: Members: $5/person, $15/family; Non-members: $15/person, $25/family

For more information please contact:
Landis Arboretum | 875-6935 | Email

Fermented foods have been around for thousands of years. In addition to being a method of preserving foods using yeast (wine, beer) and bacteria (sauerkraut, yogurt), fermentation produces foods that are rich sources of probiotics, organisms that are gaining recognition as beneficial to intestinal and overall health. Come, learn, and share.

Instructor: Ed Radle; Chemist, Master Gardener, and Board Trustee