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Saturday, September 16

Info 12:00 PM

Where: Landis Arboretum, Landis Arboretum Library 174 Lape Rd, Esperance 12066

Cost: FREE

For more information please contact:
Landis Arboretum | 875-6935 | Email

Please join us for a FREE presentation by the Arboretum’s Executive Director, Fred Breglia. Fred has spent the past 15 years searching for, exploring, and documenting many of the Northeast’s biggest tree’s and ancient forests. This presentation will highlight his findings. He will explain how to recognize the characteristics that make up old growth forests as he gives a virtual tour of the largest and oldest trees in the Northeast and beyond.

Instructor: Fred Breglia, Executive Director of Landis Arboretum and ISA Certified Arborist