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Saturday, September 16

Info 03:00 PM05:00 PM

Where: 1538 Rte. 161, Glen 12072

Cost: Suggested Donation $10 | Conservancy Hall

For more information please contact:
Wanda Burch | 518-922-7051 | Email

The Windham, New York, based 77th NY Regimental Balladeers are dedicated to preserving the songs, tunes, history and spirit of the Antebellum and Civil War period. The 1860s left a heritage of songs and melodies that reflects one of the most turbulent times in American history in the most vivid way. These truly were the “Heart Songs’’ of America. The band uses the original music arrangements and lyrics to convey, emote and capture how our ancestors talked, their rhythms, accents, beliefs, their spirituality, motives and patriotism. The City of Hudson’s newspaper Register Star praised these modern day troubadours in their editorial column saying, “these re-enactors not only entertain but they also teach history lessons with their music.”

The members of the group perform with fiddles, guitars, banjos, harmonicas, tin whistles, harp, bodhran, bones, bass, trumpet and dulcimer. Band members include John and Sharon Quinn, Bill and Barbara Lonecke, Jim Broden, Gisella Montanez-Case, Joyce Cockerham, Jennifer Brylinski, Frank and John Swarthout, Ray Smith, John Kenosian, Ron and Wanda Burch, Cynthia Waterman, LeeAnn Deak and Gail Babirad. The band is pleased and honored to recreate the musical landscape of mid-nineteenth century America. The balladeers are the host unit for the annual Civil War Heritage Music Gathering & Encampment. This event, which is held on the first weekend of August each year, is considered to be one of the premiere living history events of its kind in the Northeast. To book a program contact John Quinn 518-734-5655 or via email